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Before you fill out our 2018 application, please review our rules and regulations below to see if your business would be a good fit at the Gunnison Farmers Market.

After reading the 2018 Rules and Regulations, click here to fill out the vendor application.

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Rules and Regulations for the Gunnison Farmers Market 2018 Season

The Gunnison Farmers Market (GFM) was created to provide an opportunity for local agricultural producers to sell their products directly to the public. This venue creates an atmosphere that builds community and fosters commerce, education, understanding, and cooperation between local producers, the consumer, and the community.


Saturday Markets – June 16th – October 27th, 9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Markets will be held every Saturday for 20 consecutive weeks from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  The first 17 markets (June 16th – October 27th) will be held in the first block of Virginia Street, east of Main Street (adjacent to IOOF Park) in downtown Gunnison, weather and harvests permitting. The indoor season will be the final 3 markets (October 13th, October 20th, and October 27th) and will take place at the Fred Field Heritage Center (275 South Spruce Street). The Market Manager, or his/her designee, will not be on site until 8:30 a.m. Vendors who wish to set up prior to 8:30 a.m. must make prior arrangements with the Market Manager. Participants must be ready to sell by opening time. GFM participants are expected to comply with all rules of the City of Gunnison and its Parks and Recreation Department.

Wednesday Markets – July 11th – September 12th, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Markets will be held every Wednesday for 10 consecutive weeks from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The Wednesday markets will be contained entirely within IOOF Park, on the corner of Main and Virginia Streets in downtown Gunnison, weather and harvests permitting. We will not be closing or blocking off the street in front of the park.  The Market Manager, or his/her designee, will not be on site until 3:30 p.m. Vendors who wish to set up prior to 3:30 p.m. must make prior arrangements with the Market Manager. Participants must be ready to sell by opening time. GFM participants are expected to comply with all rules of the City of Gunnison and its Parks and Recreation Department.  The mid-week market is specifically designed for local produce vendors.  While the GFM Board of Directors will not prohibit non-produce or out of town produce vendors from applying to the mid-week market, space will very limited and preference will be given to Gunnison Valley producers.  If space allows, we will accept other vendors on a first come, first served basis.

All full-time participants are eligible for permanent assigned spaces for the year. These spaces will be assigned by the Market Manager. The Manager will try to accommodate special requests and needs if feasible and reasonable; please attach them to your application. Part-time participants will fill remaining spaces and be assigned by the Market Manager or his/her designee on the day of the market. A list of contact information will be provided to each vendor as soon as the schedule is confirmed. Full-time participants are encouraged to be in their spaces no less than 30 minutes before opening; otherwise, a part-time vendor may be assigned to fill their space. If you are a full-time vendor and you think that you will be arriving late, please call the Market Manager or his/her designee for that day at 970-209-3122 in order to save your space.


The GFM’s primary goal is to sell Western Slope of Colorado products. All products sold at the Gunnison Farmers Market must have been grown or produced in Colorado.  Specific exceptions, however, can be made by the GFM Board of Directors in cases where an organization provides a needed element of supply that is not readily available within the local area.  In such cases, the GFM Board of Directors will vote on whether or not to allow an out of area, or out of state, applicant sell at the GFM.  This decision is solely that of the GFM Board of Directors and will be made on a case by case basis.

The Market’s secondary goal is to be a true farmer’s market: goods should be sold by the person who has produced them or a paid employee of the producer.

We realize that these goals are not always attainable. Therefore, vendors may sell Colorado-grown products that they have purchased from other producers. In this case, the products must be labeled as to the actual source (for example, “From the Smith Family Farm in Paonia, Colorado”).

In keeping with the stated purpose of the Market, any local farmer or gardener will be allowed to sell any product that has been grown on his/her property. There will be a shared community booth at which small, Gunnison Valley producers can sell their products. The cost to use the community booth will be $10 per vendor, plus 5% of gross sales and sales tax, which must be paid at the end of the market day. Once a community booth vendor’s sales have reached $100 for the season, the vendor will be asked to pay for a single booth. Vendors using the community booth must sell their products at prices comparable to other producers so as not to undersell out-of-town vendors. Community booth vendors under the age of 18 will be exempt from booth fees.

Field inspections will be performed on an “as needed” basis by an independent agricultural consultant, one or members of the GFM Board, and/or one or more GFM officers to insure that the produce comes from the stated point of origin and that any claims for that produce are met.

Prospective participants who are not willing to have a field inspection of stated point of origin should not apply for participation. If items for sale are not found growing in the stated field of origin during an inspection, are not ready for harvest though the items are being sold, or are not grown in sufficient quantity to supply the volume brought to the Market, the participant may be fined $100 if within Gunnison County, or $150 if from other counties. Fines must be paid in full before a participant is allowed to return to the Market. If a second violation occurs, the vendor will no longer be allowed to sell at the Market.

Growers selling by the pound must use a scale that has been certified as accurate by the State of Colorado. All sellers must comply with Colorado and Gunnison County regulations concerning their products’ food safety. All sellers who offer samples of raw agricultural product(s) must follow “Guidelines for Food Sampling at Colorado Farmers Markets,” which can be reviewed here. Approved hand washing stations are required. Further information may be obtained from the Market Manager.


Colorado requires that anyone purchasing farm products for the purpose of resale obtain a license from the Department of Agriculture. If the purchases do not exceed $20,000.00 annually, and no single purchase is over $2,500.00, the purchaser qualifies as a “Small Volume Dealer.” Any Gunnison Farmers Market vendor who wishes to resell farm products must obtain and present a copy of his/her license for the current year to the Market Director before commencing sales. Forms and information on licensing can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture website:


Value-added agricultural products (e.g., breads, pastries, canned goods, yarns, and processed meats) must have been processed in the State of Colorado, though they may contain ingredients (e.g., flour and sugar) that were not grown, raised or produced in Colorado.All foods that fall into this category must have been produced in a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen, and the vendor must provide proof that the kitchen is licensed and inspected before selling any value-added products.

In the case where vendors are reselling Colorado-produced, value-added food products that they did not produce themselves, the commercial packaging of each product will be taken as prima facie evidence that the kitchen used is licensed and inspected, though the GFM and its agents may inquire further if they feel it is necessary.


Non-potentially hazardous foods such as spices, teas, dehydrated produce, nuts, seeds, honey, jams, jellies, and preserves, fruit butters, candies, and certain baked goods may be able to be prepared from home kitchens. Items such as dried meats, canned fruits and vegetables, pickled products, raw seed sprouts, baked goods with cream or cheese, juices or sauces are not permitted under the Cottage Food Law. For more information on the Cottage Food Law and how to become a certified Cottage Food Producer, click here!

          6.  ARTS AND CRAFTS

Only Colorado-made, hand-crafted goods will be allowed.

So as not to create undue competition for Gunnison local businesses in the downtown district, and to insure a local flavor to the arts and crafts sold at the Market, arts and crafts vendors must be Colorado residents and their merchandise must have been made in Colorado by the vendor, members of the vendor’s family, by Colorado-residing employees of the company by which the vendor is employed, or by Colorado-residing members of any cooperative artists’ association of which the vendor is a representative.

The GFM Board may give special consideration to unique craft items that do not fall under these rules, but which have distinct appeal for GFM customers. As craft items are intended to add interest to the market, the number of craft vendors will be limited according to the discretion and judgment of the GFM Board.

“Garage sale” and “flea market” items are explicitly prohibited as not in keeping with the goals and objectives of the Gunnison Farmers Market.

          7.  CONCESSIONS

GFM encourages vendors to offer freshly prepared foods and drinks for sale at the Market, subject to applicable health codes and the discretion of the GFM Board. Concession vending at the Market is limited to Gunnison County residents and/or local food service companies. The seller must abide by the applicable Health Department regulations and must obtain all necessary inspections and permits. As food items are only intended to add interest to the Market, the number of food vendors will be limited according to the discretion and judgment of the GFM Board.

          8.  RELATED ITEMS

Branding products (e.g., t-shirts, baseball caps, shopping bags) that bear the producer’s logo and/or company name may be sold or given away at the Market. Related or associated products (e.g., bread knives at a baker’s booth, steak knives or steak seasoning at a meat booth) may also be sold or given away. GFM strongly prefers that related items be produced in Colorado, subject to the discretion of the Market Manager.


Community service and non-profits organizations may apply for booth space. Interested groups will need to fill out our non-profit application. Applications will be carefully reviewed by our board to determine if the missions, goals, and objectives of the applicant are consistent with those of the GFM. Other organizations may contact the City of Gunnison to obtain access to adjacent public spaces.


To provide information for customers, every vendor must have an identifying sign. The sign should be easily readable to the customer and should be placed on or near the selling booth. Signs may not extend past a vendor’s booth. The sign must provide the vendor’s name and the location of the business; further information is optional.

Any vendor desiring to market their product as “organic” must have a photocopy of their current Colorado Organic Certification License on file with the GFM and an additional, laminated copy available at their booth for inspection by customers.

Growers who have not obtained their organic certification but who farm according to standard organic practices may use signage to inform customers that their products are “pesticide-free,” “unsprayed,” “grown without chemicals,” “transitional,” or other similar terms denoting the farming practices used.

The Gunnison Farmers Market continually seeks to engender confidence on the part of its customers and expects participants to be truthful in describing their products. Any vendor found to be knowingly misrepresenting their products will immediately forfeit any further participation in the Market with no refund of fees.


The most common injuries to Market participants result from wind-borne tents. All vendors are required to anchor EACH leg of their tents with at least 40 lbs of weight. Five-gallon buckets, available from restaurants and paint contractors, completely filled with water and secured to tent legs, are a simple way to meet this requirement. The GFM provides water and a hose for this purpose, but we will no longer provide extra 5 gallon buckets for vendors to use.  COME PREPARED!!!  Vendors who do not meet this requirement must remove their tents. Those who refuse to cooperate will not be allowed at the market.

No vendor pets or personal radios will be allowed. Vendors will not be permitted to shout out product or price information to the customers.

Vendors are required to leave their space clean and free of debris at the close of the market.


Any vendor wishing to sell at the Market must submit an application. By submitting the application, the vendor agrees to abide by the terms set forth in these Rules and Regulations, the Guidelines for Food Sampling at Colorado Farmers Markets, and any verbal or written directions given by the Market Manager or his/her designee or the GFM Board while at the Market. Anyone found to be willfully violating any of these provisions will forfeit further participation in the Market with no refund of fees.

          13.  INSURANCE

All vendors must either: (a) provide proof of valid commercial general liability and personal injury insurance, or (b) submit a waiver of liability, indemnifying the GFM, its Board members, and it volunteers against all claims arising from their participation in the Market.

Although having a booth at the Gunnison Farmers Market is not completely dependent on having your own liability insurance, we very highly recommend that you do.

Good news!  The Colorado Farmers Market Association, of which the Gunnison Farmers Market is a member and insured through, is now offering liability insurance for vendors beginning at the low, low price of $275/year!  Check out their website for more information!


Fees prescribed below are to be paid, by check, upon application acceptance. Accepted applicants will be invoiced and their booth fee will be based on full or part time attendance, single or double booth space and mid-week market attendance.

At the end of each market day, outstanding booth fees, the market fee of 5% of gross sales and sales taxes will be collected from each participant, along with a written account of sales for the day, using a standard GFM-supplied reporting form.

The Gunnison Farmers Market maintains an affordable booth fee for vendors by charging a market fee at the end of each market day based on sales.  The market fee is 5% of sales after tax.

Booth Type Vendor Fees
Vendors under age 18 Market fees (5% of gross sales) + taxes (no booth fee)
Shared Community Booth $10/vendor + market fees (5% of gross sales) + taxes
Standard Single $20/day or @$150/market season + market fee (5% of gross sales) + taxes
Standard Double $40/day or $300/market season + market fee (5% of gross sales) + taxes
Mid-Week Market Standard Single $10/day or $50/market season + market fee (5% of gross sales) + taxes

Full-time status is a cost-effective choice for vendors who plan to attend six or more markets. Moreover, full-time, prepaying participants are eligible for permanent space assignment and will be highlighted in GFM ads, crop calendars, and web profiles.

        15.  SPACES 

Full-time participants who begin attending the Market on opening day will be assigned permanent spaces as will full-time, prepaid vendors. This is done to provide continuity for the Market’s customers. Each space at the Market has at least 10’ frontage and 15’ depth. Vendors will be assigned one space each and produce vendors may request additional spaces and room nearby for their trucks (truck space cannot be guaranteed).

          16.  SALES TAX

The Gunnison Farmers Market will provide Sales Tax Licenses for the entire market and collect sales taxes from vendors. All sellers will be provided with a standard worksheet to report their sales and to calculate the taxes due to all appropriate taxing entities.

A vendor may take liability for paying their own sales taxes themselves; however, in this case the vendor must provide copies of their current, valid Colorado, City and County of Gunnison tax permits.


The Gunnison Farmers Market reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling at the Market, or to prohibit any product from being sold there. These determinations will be made based upon market demand, applicable laws and health codes, as well as the rules of the Gunnison Farmers Market. Rules and regulations are subject to change for “special event” days and/or at the discretion and judgment of the GFM Board and/or Market Manager. By signing the Application for Participation, the participant agrees to the terms set forth in these Rules and Regulations of the Gunnison Farmers Market and further agrees to release the GFM Board, Market Manager(s), officers, agents, employees, volunteers, and contractors from all claims arising from such participation.


In the event that any one or more of the provisions contained herein shall, for any reason, be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not effect any other provisions of the Rules and Regulations, nor any agreement between the vendor and the GFM, but these shall be construed as if such invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provisions had never been contained herein, unless the deletion of such provision or provisions would result in such a material change so as to cause completion of the transactions contemplated to be unreasonable.


It is the Gunnison Farmers Market’s hope that its vendors will sign up for the full season and attend regularly, and the Market’s rates reflect that goal. If a vendor finds that they cannot attend some market days, or can no longer continue to attend the market, GFM will offer a modified pro rata refund of the vendor’s fees, as follows:

  • A refund will be given at the discretion of the GFM Board and/or Market Manager.
  • Refunds will not be given to vendors who violate market rules, who are subject to disciplinary action, or who are asked to leave the Market by the GFM Board.
  • If the vendor prepaid at the single day rate, any prepaid days they cannot attend will be refunded.
  • If the vendor prepaid at the seasonal rate and is unable to attend the market for some number of days, GFM will calculate the number of days attended at the single day rate and subtract from the full-season rate.


If you are selling…

RFE License requirements
Arts, crafts, jewelry and other non-food items No RFE requirements
 Uncut fruits and/or vegetables No RFE requirements
 Non-potentially hazardous foods such as spices, teas, dehydrated produce, nuts, seeds, honey, jams, jellies, and preserves, fruit butters, candies, and certain baked goods No RFE requirements, Cottage Food Law
 Potentially hazardous foods requiring time/temperature control for safety, intended for immediate consumption  RFE License required
 Potentially hazardous foods requiring time/temperature control for safety, intend for off-premises consumption  RFE License required


The Retail Food Establishment (RFE) License and the Cottage Food Producer (CFP) Licenses are issued by:

Gunnison County Department of Public Health and Environment

Consumer Protection Division

Retail Food Service

225 N Pine Street

Gunnison, CO 81230

Heidi Lovett, Consumer Protection Specialist

Phone:  (970) 641-0209


Please contact them for licensing information.